Customer Service is the New Marketing

I know, I know. All of my recent posts (so I believe) were about my running and workouts and trying to keep my body in shape. I hardly wrote something about career perspectives or any career advice. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa! Today I’ll make up for my omissions and share with you my ideas about customer service. Or rather, how Customer Service has deteriorated and that it deserves our attention and respect again!

While your marketing team is responsible for attracting new customers, other areas of your business are responsible for keeping them, especially customer service. In fact, the explosion of social media has made customer service team even more essential to keeping buyers happy.

Common sense makes certain truths about customer service apparent:

A good experience can increase customer loyalty
A bad experience can drive a customer away
Faster responses are viewed more favorably

However, recent studies have shown just how significant these impacts can be. Plus, bad customer service experiences are shared 95% of the time, versus 87% of good customer experiences. This makes customer service as important to your brand reputation as marketing.


Workout Without Weights – Cardio, Stretching, Lifting

A workout without weights is a rather broad definition. It can range anywhere from sprints to push-ups or yoga to burpees. Today we’d like to share the value of using the balance in your weight-free workouts in order to achieve your ultimate physique.

We’ve found that doing only one type of exercise leads to injury and limited capabilities in one or more areas of a person’s life. Being extremely muscular yet unable to run or even walk correctly is a hazard, the same as being overly skinny and incapable of lifting a load over one’s own head.

The people who look and appear the most fit are generally well-balanced individuals strong enough to run, lift and bend to survive any challenge that is thrown at them. This is what we aim to achieve with a weight-free workout.


Wet t shirt ice bucket challenge

Remember how the Ice Bucket Challenge went so crazy over the past few years? You may want to hold off on pouring that ice bucket for a minute. In 2018, the social-crazed wet t-shirt ice bucket challenge has helped raise $61.8 million compared to $12.1 million during the same time period the year before, according to the ALS Association.

Donations were pouring in from 739,275 new donors and current donors from around the U.S. That’s great right? Of course, it is. I don’t see any wrong with raising awareness of any disease—especially when it can save someone’s life.

So just in case you’re reading this and you still don’t understand the challenge—hear me clearly. The Ice Bucket Challenge is part of a fundraising campaign to help raise money for ALS Research (this disease is also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease).


Just Shy of Crazy

Yesterday started off like any other. I woke up, wrangled the dogs for a little while, then laced up my Salamon’s for some backyard hill sprints. My current training program, that’s making me just shy of crazy, calls for track speed work today, but in the wonderful world of trail running, that’s about irrelevant right now.

The more proficient I get on these hills (both up and down) the better off I’m going to be. After about a million four of those, I did a quick Tough Mudder inspired strength finisher ala carrying logs.

There’s a quarter mile trail loop behind my house and I alternated 30 seconds overhead, 30 seconds out in front of me for a solid two loops with a chunk of log that probably weighs about 20 pounds.

My abs and quads were both pretty trashed, but I definitely felt like a badass afterwards, so I did what any sane human being would in said circumstance… I busted out the old credit card, and actually signed up for the Green Monster trail 25k I have been halfway training for since the beginning of the month.

At the very kindest, this race has been deemed a “suffer fest.” Decent finishing times are in the 3+ hour range. I obviously have my concerns, my friends and family do too, which is why I put off registering as long as I did.


Buyer Remorse…

Yesterday was an extreme case of buyer remorse for me. I typed up a blog post. Saved it. Reread it. Saved it. Read it again. And then finally hit the publish button. I immediately felt torn. Should I have published the post? Should I have just kept it to myself? It was a post about my dream of being a millionaire with regrets of being a mom when I was still a young girl.

I am still working towards my GED using these awesome and free BestGEDClasses video courses and when I have my GED, I can go on with my education and perhaps make my dream come true but for now, I’ll keep on posting and thinking about my remorses while I also keep my job. Who knows, maybe my job will also lead to a rewarding career…

But back to my post, the first few comments made me feel proud of taking the risk and publishing my true and honest opinions on my blog. And then I got some comments that made me wretched and heartsick and physically nauseous. I should have kept that post to myself. I shouldn’t have hit publish. We’re all just moms doing our best to survive, so why would I add fuel to a fire of controversy?

I unpublished this post, I disabled all comments and then I got angry. Really angry. It’s MY BLOG. Who cares what anyone else thinks? I don’t blog for anyone but myself.  I do love readers and comments, but in the end, this is for me. Did I get some hurrahs from readers?  Great!  Did I possibly alienate myself from some others? Maybe. In the end, it doesn’t matter.


Ask for My Phone Number – Why I Refuse

I need a little rant now after being chatted up fairly intrusively at the bus stop yesterday evening. I’m not a shy teenager anymore but an adult woman who doesn’t like to be looked at in a certain way. Or addressed without asking. So I guess for many younger men counts: So understand that if you ask for my phone number – why I refuse.

It sucks being rejected, I know. You see an approachable person in a public space and decide to have a go. Maybe you just feel like having a chat with someone to pass the time. Maybe you think you’ve met the love of your life and want to take your chances so you won’t regret later that you let that one go.

Fair enough. But sometimes that person has no interest in you whatsoever, and that’s all right, too. It doesn’t feel nice, but you need to understand that the person you would love to talk to could have a million valid reasons for not wanting anything to do with you right now, and most likely none of them are personal.


Slimming World January Trick: Say a Prayer

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy food? Are you already slipping although it’s barely a week into 2019? I don’t make resolutions because they always fail, but a healthy eating related promise I keep making for myself throughout the year is to give up dairy. So check out my slimming world January trick: Say a Prayer

Soya milk tastes great and the good ones have been fortified with calcium and vitamin B12, and soyghurt has the same probiotic benefits as the real thing; I really have no health-related excuse to keep using dairy, and the weight loss potential and environmental benefits of cutting it are undeniable. See also: GED classes in dc


On Being Honest with Yourself… Virtual 10 Mile Recap

I know, I know, 2 race recaps in one week? But stick with me here, folks… I promise this will be worth it. I announced on Sunday my commitment to showing a little more love to myself this month and being mindful of that topic, I wanted to address the issue of being honest. Talking on being honest with yourself. Quite frankly, sometimes it hurts to admit that maybe things aren’t going your way, or maybe you have to switch paths, but taking those issues head-on can really do wonders for your mental health.

Example 1: As Much as I love Powerlifting – it wasn’t in my cards.

I dedicated the past few years of my life to powerlifting. I was very anti-cardio, always followed a strict plan, and I really wasn’t terrible at it. Unfortunately, within my resources, I would never be able to thrive. My career doesn’t afford for me to travel for days at a time to go to meets, because my location is not necessarily a hotspot for powerlifting in general. There are no decent coaches near me. There are no training facilities for me to work in. Basically, it was just me, my barbell, and a dream.


Athletic Figure – Challenging My Body Will Challenge My Mind

I remember a time when my thighs were their own entities. Over the last few years, they have slyly transformed into buegs. For those of you new to the term, it’s the cankles of the north. I’m still considered petite by many, but I know I’m not as healthy as I should be right now. My body fat percentage is too high, and the fact that my bad knees are aching is telling me I am carrying more weight than I should. But I do still have an athletic figure – challenging my body will challenge my mind.

I have two options, be content with myself or choose to make improvements. I’m going to make improvements. My husband and I will be starting P90x soon, and I’ll be reporting my progress (or lack thereof) on this site. To truly make the life you want I strongly believe you have to bring your body and your mind to a good place.

Realistically, I know I can tone up to an athletic figure, but honestly, I never really liked having an athletic body. Sure it was fun to wave goodbye to the boys as I sprinted around the track, and I was proud when I swam a mile every day, but I didn’t like having a fifteen-inch neck, and I felt “thicker” than I do even now. Also, when I’m carrying some extra weight, I have a proportionately giant rack. I shall miss the twins, although probably not as much as my husband will.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and How To Lose Weight – 10 Tips

Everyone would like to be in the best shape of their lives. In order to have optimum health, most Americans need to lose weight…and you absolutely can lose weight and boost your spirituality. Spirituality includes the mind, body, and soul. So read on to learn more about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and How To Lose Weight – 10 Tips.

Let’s face it, feeling good about your body increases confidence and will help you come across to others in a more positive and confident manner. This could even include coming across more positively and confidently to a prospective employer.

There are many obese people in the United States who are experiencing failing health and who also lack a sense of well-being and positive spirituality. We suffer from too much of a good thing. And, an obese person’s opportunities can be hampered, thwarted and limited.

Insecurities and the lack of self-confidence can be translated into missed opportunities such as being turned down for a job or passed over when it comes to getting a promotion. Yes, there is obesity discrimination in the workplace.