About this blog

At present my life is way to hurried. I’m a freelance writer living with my husband and two children, effealthough my eldest has already left home to pursue a life of opportunity in Alberta. My youngest child graduates this year. Her plans include attending college closer to home. In addition to writing I hired myself as general contractor to build ourselves a log house on five acres of land.

We are very excited about this project. Previously we lived on 165 acres of land in the BC Peace in a ramshackle log house which included a log addition we built after the children arrived.

We lived in the BC Peace for seventeen years, the longest time I have lived anywhere. I made lots of friends up there and I enjoyed: raising my flock of 89 Dorset sheep, my extensive vegetable and flower gardens, community life and everything else I got up to, way to much to talk about here. I still miss The Peace, not only my friends but also the country side (huge fields of yellow canola, oats, barley, and hay) and the weather (endless sunshine, ubiquitous wind and winters that go on until the end of May.) I know that seems harsh but I guess it’s what you get used to…

Even so, it will be very nice to get back to the country, grow a huge vegetable garden again and just soak up the quietness…

As well I love to ski (backcountry, downhill and cross country). I love backpacking camping and hiking, but sadly I have to put most of my outdoor trips this summer on hold because I will be building the house instead. We are doing all the finishing work ourselves as well as putting on the roof, putting in the doors, hooking up all the bathroom and kitchen type things, building interior walls, laying hardwood floor etc. Whew. We are hoping to get most of it done so we can move in by August. 
My recent obsession is knitting. I’m probably spending too much money on it, but I’ve learned lots and have made friends with other knitters as well. What more could I ask for?