Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and How To Lose Weight – 10 Tips

Everyone would like to be in the best shape of their lives. In order to have optimum health, most Americans need to lose weight…and you absolutely can lose weight and boost your spirituality. Spirituality includes the mind, body, and soul. So read on to learn more about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and How To Lose Weight – 10 Tips.

Let’s face it, feeling good about your body increases confidence and will help you come across to others in a more positive and confident manner. This could even include coming across more positively and confidently to a prospective employer.

There are many obese people in the United States who are experiencing failing health and who also lack a sense of well-being and positive spirituality. We suffer from too much of a good thing. And, an obese person’s opportunities can be hampered, thwarted and limited.

Insecurities and the lack of self-confidence can be translated into missed opportunities such as being turned down for a job or passed over when it comes to getting a promotion. Yes, there is obesity discrimination in the workplace.

However, if you are in great shape and have maintained your ideal body weight you are more inclined to feel self-confident, have high self-esteem and will generally feel good about yourself. You will be able to more readily seize the opportunities available to you.

There are many diets and many approaches that you can take along the path to losing weight. You just have to discover what works for you. Losing weight leads to a sense of satisfaction and will boost your spirituality simply because you will feel better overall. It’s true that I let myself go a little over the past months but this won’t keep me from getting my body in shape!

When you feel better you are able to perform better in all areas of your life; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. Make no mistake. It is the quality of your life that is important. You may smoke and drink and perhaps never eat a balanced meal. You may never exercise or do anything for that matter to improve your health.

And, yes you may live a long life. But what is the purpose of having a long life if you have become riddled with arthritis to the point where you can hardly walk; or if you have to speak with a voice box because you have damaged your lungs beyond repair, or if you have to go to kidney dialysis weekly because your kidneys have failed due to high blood pressure?

Is that the quality of life that you prefer to live? Spiritually you would not be uplifted nor in tune with the positive aspects of spirituality or a positive lifestyle and good health.

I know people with these ailments and they are not happy people, nor are they spiritually evolved individuals. You will be less likely to embrace spiritual concepts that deal with love and your higher self if you are in a state of bad health because this affects you mentally as well.

It is hard to wrap your mind around being grateful and spiritual while you are in pain and/or suffering; although for some, it does take these types of life-altering occurrences to elicit any semblance of spirituality. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a guilt-free vacation? 

Following are 10 Tips On How To Lose Weight And Boost Spirituality:

l. Make up your mind that you ARE going to lose weight. Sometimes we want to do certain things but we must first focus on actually doing them. Unless you make up your mind that you ARE going to do it…it will remain a wish or desire instead of becoming a reality.

2. Eat smaller portions at one sitting (measure your food intake). Often you don’t realize that you could cut back on portions and still be full and satiated. Instead of having one cup of rice you could easily cut it to 1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 cup of potatoes, 1/2 cup of vegetables, etc.

3. Visualize your new body on a daily basis. Taking the time before you go to sleep at night or upon rising in the morning to visualize your new body and how beautiful you have become is a positive step in the right direction. As a man thinketh (or a woman haha) he/she becomes.

4. Exercise 3-4 times per week. Incorporating a regular exercise routine will accelerate your weight loss and help you reach your goals quickly. Also building muscle using free weights or weight resistance helps the body remain supple and youthful. In case you telecommute (that is: if your boss lets you), the benefits are obvious.

5. Research ways that will help you lose weight. There are many solutions to weight loss and by doing some research on the subject you will find solutions that suit your lifestyle and tolerance level.

6. Get a series of colonic irrigations to jump-start your weight loss. Optimum health starts in the colon and keeping your colon clean will help your physical body maintain a healthy balance, remove toxins, viruses, and bacteria…a series of colonics will also help to jump-start a weight loss program.

7. Drink a few ounces of Welch’s Grape Juice (diluted with water) before each meal. This helps the body feel full and you won’t eat as much in one sitting. Make sure to take a few ounces as well before you go to bed at night. Take a total of 4 times a day. You can substitute the grape juice for water as well.

8. Learn about Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA’s) — Foods that help you lose weight. Did you know that there are some foods that actually speed up weight loss? Nestles Chocolate Unsweetened Chips can be used as a snack that will induce weight loss. Learn more about these types of foods.

9. Sprinkle 1 cup of vegetables with a tablespoon of olive oil instead of butter or cheese. Olive oil is also considered a MUFA and is a heart-healthy ingredient. Many health benefits are derived from the regular use of olive oil.

10. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes. Especially fruits and vegetables that are in season in your region. Consuming fruits and vegetables in season that are grown in your part of the country will help you to maintain the yin-yang balance of your system. This way, you’ll learn also more about the At of Gratitude.

Ultimately, the exercise program that you choose will have a major impact on helping you reach your weight loss goals. Hence, your sense of well-being which will impact your life and your spirituality is of paramount importance. Therefore, make sure that you choose your exercise routine wisely.