Just Shy of Crazy

Yesterday started off like any other. I woke up, wrangled the dogs for a little while, then laced up my Salamon’s for some backyard hill sprints. My current training program, that’s making me just shy of crazy, calls for track speed work today, but in the wonderful world of trail running, that’s about irrelevant right now.

The more proficient I get on these hills (both up and down) the better off I’m going to be. After about a million four of those, I did a quick Tough Mudder inspired strength finisher ala carrying logs.

There’s a quarter mile trail loop behind my house and I alternated 30 seconds overhead, 30 seconds out in front of me for a solid two loops with a chunk of log that probably weighs about 20 pounds.

My abs and quads were both pretty trashed, but I definitely felt like a badass afterwards, so I did what any sane human being would in said circumstance… I busted out the old credit card, and actually signed up for the Green Monster trail 25k I have been halfway training for since the beginning of the month.

At the very kindest, this race has been deemed a “suffer fest.” Decent finishing times are in the 3+ hour range. I obviously have my concerns, my friends and family do too, which is why I put off registering as long as I did.

My Concerns

I hate driving alone, and I don’t know if my race buddy Carlee will be able to join me for this one. I don’t give my phone number to random people (sorry!) so that won’t work either. How much food can I fit in my fanny pack? I thought this race was a week later, so essentially I’m chopping a week out of my training plan which means I miss out on a crucial long run. That upsets me. That’s my remorse. Will I be fast enough and good enough to qualify for the Ultra I want to do in the spring by Green Monster standards?

Friends/Family Concerns

What if a mountain lion eats you? What if a bear eats you? You will blow your knees out. 25k in one day? WTF is wrong with your head? In January you still had all the great intentions. Please go to the eye doctor so you don’t kill anyone on your drive to the race. Also, your car inspection has been up for 2 months now.

All of which are very valid concerns and were taken into consideration when I pulled the trigger. However, I am so glad I did! I celebrated by nervous eating what was left of my bag of Kashi Hummus Chips. I got these for free thanks to Bzzagent, but dang, they are good. Shout out to Kashi – their new Hummus Crisps are not only tasty, but they are full of fiber and protein!

If you’re going to snack like a maniac, you might as well be slightly smart about it. I just wish new items like this would hit the shelves at my local grocery stores in a timely fashion so I don’t have to miss them for long. I made my race commitment Facebook official (I’ve got to be honest with myself, right?), obviously, because that’s how you announce your awesomeness to the world! rely on people to keep you accountable and in good spirits when you make slightly crazy decisions. The support has been awesome, and I am just so inspired and ready to rock this race!

For the next 34 days, I will be hanging out in the woods practicing my strategy and stamina, and getting ready to tame the Green Monster! I know I said this blog wouldn’t be all about training updates and me me me, but I lied. Because I am really excited. And I am going to work really hard. Challenging my body will challenge my mind. And this is going to be epic. So thanks for coming along for the ride!  Here’s to being just shy of crazy!