The Kite Runner Characters – Living fiction

Even though I’ve had The Kite Runner listed on my sidebar for over a month now, I just started reading it this weekend. Right around the time that our house hunt went from “Traipsing through other people’s houses and ogling their furniture is fun!” to “Holy f***, we need to find a place to live, like yesterday” I decided I wanted to read it, but I never got past page six. So this post is about the Kite Runner Characters  – Living Fiction.

I couldn’t focus on anything except the fact that if we didn’t find a place soon we’d be shackin’ up with my in-laws, so I put reading fiction on the back burner and focused exclusively on being a total stressbag instead. I kind of forgot about it until Friday night, when I caught a glimpse of it on my night table and picked it up.

I haven’t put it down since. Holy crap, this book is amazing. I am living and breathing this book, this riveting, at times painful, exquisite story. When I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about the sounds and smells and the lives that are unfolding on the pages. I’m picturing scenes in my head, the characters and their faces, what they’re wearing…I dream about this book at night.

I’m almost done it and I don’t want it to be over but I am desperate to find out what happens in the end, if what I think will happen does, to see how these lives that have twisted and turned their way through these pages will end up. I love books like this – books that consume me and draw me into a story, a world, that’s so well-written it feels real. Books that, when I finish them, I need to wait before starting another so the story can linger for a while, fresh in my mind where I can mull it over, play it out in my head from beginning to end; books that I want to read again immediately after finishing them.

She’s Come Undone was that kind of book for me, as was House of Sand and Fog, Memoirs of a Geisha and Middlesex. I’ve read each of those books more than once, and I’ll read The Kite Runner again, for sure. What about you? What are some of the books that completely consumed you, from beginning to end? And. Completely unrelated to amazing works of fiction, some of you asked to see pictures of the rock n’ roll filing cabinet. I fully intended of posting pics of it along with that post. I hauled the cabinet out of the cold cellar, took a bunch of pictures of it and went to download them, only to discover that our digital camera had bitten the dust. Dave and I tried several times this weekend to download the pics but the camera’s toast and the pics aren’t going anywhere. All I have to say about that is fuck you too, not-even-two-year-old Kodak EasyShare.

The Age Of Why

Good news. I made such a big deal about not having a computer that my dad went to great lengths to get his laptop fixed (thanks dad). Yea, I have access again to the world wide web! And now, not only can I keep the promise to myself that I made the first day I started blogging, I can see what’s going on with all the people that I’ve connected to through this medium. The Internet has quickly become a tool that is so much more powerful than I ever expected. Like having a phone, it’s become critical in my daily interaction with my family, friends and professional colleagues and as strange as it may seem to some, not having access to it is like being cut off from the world. Not only do I need it, I enjoy it so much more than I would have thought even six months ago.

I’m an entertainment junkie and have loved watching TV since I was a little girl (and as an immigrant, I learned most of my cultural references from it) but the Internet has even surpassed the prized TV for entertainment. One of the biggest down sides of the Internet, however, is that it is a solitary experience. You can’t really spend a family evening in front of the Internet or cuddle with your husband on the couch watching/using the Internet. Of course, some would say that this is an up side because it allows you to do something just for you, and I agree to a certain extent. I would say, however, that for me, it can quickly suck a lot of time and if I don’t watch myself, I can give the Internet what I should instead be giving my family. Having said all of that, I’m thrilled to be typing this and to have access again to you and the world!