Like Water Off A Duck’s Back

Flying back from our vacation today was quite a hectic affair. With a toddler and a lap child in tow, we trekked through the jungle that is the airport and somehow made it through our flights. There were numerous ups and downs as you might expect on an all day traveling extravaganza with kids, especially as it is Friday the 13th,  but one moment stood out for me…that was when I felt something went off me like water off a duck’s back.

There was a woman sitting in front of us that was very agitated during the flight. She was frustrated with the person sitting in her row that kept going to the bathroom and she made sure all of us around her knew it. She was fidgeting constantly and seemed almost like she was anxious about the whole notion of being on an airplane.

At one point towards the end of the flight, she stood up, turned around and made a comment about one of my kids that wasn’t very nice. Instead of getting upset, I just took my son, who had been asleep most of the flight, and started quietly reading him a book. It was very unlike me (to be calm when encountering anger directed straight at me) but I just felt so zen about the whole thing.


Side Effects and Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine is a drug in every sense of the word. This bitter-tasting stimulant is mildly addictive and comes replete with a gamut of side effects. It’s helpful when you learn for exams or doing an office job. If you’re used to having one or two cups of coffee on a daily basis, be warned that an abrupt stop to your caffeine regimen can result in an onslaught of withdrawal symptoms, including (but not limited to) headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Caffeine’s Sources
Caffeine dosage varies depending on its source. Some of the most popular sources of caffeine include coffee beans, tea leaves, energy drinks, cacao beans (chocolate) and sodas. There are also ingredients that contain caffeine themselves, such as guarana, kola nut, jerboa mate, chocolate and certain medications.

Benefits of Caffeine
Many of us are socialized to think that our mornings would not be complete without sipping on a cup of coffee while reading the latest front-page headlines or checking up on the latest oil scam in the business section. In addition to satisfying this preconceived image of an attentive business aspirant, there also exists evidence that suggests there may be health benefits attributed to caffeine intake. Some people have claimed that it relaxes their nerves or when consumed as coffee, aids their digestion of certain foods.


The Art of Gratitude

“Now and then it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

The past couple of months have been filled with uncertainty; several life changes including a cross-country move, a new job, and exploring life in a big city have contributed to an emotional rollercoaster. This past week, everything came to a head as I began to experience a prolonged attack of stress-induced nausea and loss of appetite.

After feeling crummy for a couple of days, I caught myself getting wrapped up in feeling sick. I took a moment to pause and think about all of the things I’m thankful for.

My loving family, amazing husband and kids, thoughtful friends, watching the sunrise, and the opportunity to explore a new city all immediately came to mind.


What is an Advantage of Allowing Employees to Telecommute?

How much easier would your life be if you could work from home? Imagine how much time you would save, how much more effective you could be, if you didn’t spend time commuting to and from work. So what is an advantage of allowing employees to telecommute?

If instead of taking a pointless coffee break, you could read a story to your three-year-old. What about getting the vacuuming done during your lunch break? How much money could you save on daycare and babysitters if you worked from the comfort of your home with your children gathered around you?

Do Some Research

In order to convince your employer that this telecommuting arrangement can work, you have to know what you are talking about. Spend a month keeping a journal of everything you do at work.

Record things like communications handled by telephone, fax, and email or in person. Make notes on which of these could be handled just as effectively by email or telephone.


THE BLUE PILL commercials really bother me

Male enhancement commercials really bother me. And not just for the traditional reasons that you might expect, like how they inappropriately pop up on your screen when you’re innocently sitting in the afternoon watching TV or how creepy they are depicting a man with a monstrous smile surrounded by a bunch of googly-eyed women, and not even because of the male voice-overs that talk about how great they are when you’re in “the right mood” or for when you’re ready for some “adult intimacy.”

Yikes! And double Yikes. No, these are not the reasons that these commercials really bother me. And I am not the only one!


Online Reality-So many choices and not enough time

Technology can provide all the abundance we can imagine. Yet, ultimately, we only have so much time – a relative blink of the eye – to enjoy it. In the 22nd century, businesses that understand this, that help their customers manage this most finite and precious resource, will flourish. Expect to see new types of companies playing new roles in our lives because of the growing value we will place on our time.

Today the feeling of time deprivation is epidemic, but here is a paradox: in reality this feeling is illusory. Not only is your life expectancy greater, but it takes much less time to provide the basics. You don’t grow your own food, and with services such as Webvan, many of us do not even visit the grocer anymore. You buy clothes over the Internet in minutes.

So why this sense of deprivation? It stems from the endlessly expanding sea of choices: You’re within driving distance of three or more gigaplexes, each with 16 or 24 movie screens. How many reviews do you have time to read? Want to discuss cars? Once there were the Big Three. How many brands can you name today? How long does it take to visit all the Websites devoted to car buying?


Friendship? Yes, Please.

Those words were said by Charles Dickens, and they still sure fit today.

There’s nothing like having a friend ~ someone you feel so comfortable with that you share the best and worst of yourself, without wondering if they’ll still be your friend.

I love having Patti and Petie as friends, but I also have other friends, too.  I get to share my thoughts and dreams, my successes and failures and have lots of fun with all kinds of people.

By having friends outside of my family, I get to learn how other people live, what they believe in, different foods they eat and holidays they celebrate.

The most important thing I learned about keeping friends is that you have to trust them ~ there’s no gossiping and no saying cruel things.  Sometimes that is hard for me to do, but I’m learning how to hold my tongue and not judge people for what they’re wearing or how they look.


The Road to Enlightenment

A couple of ago, Mike Marriner and Nate Gebhard took to the road to find their path in life. Frustrated with what seemed like the lockstep approach to colleges and careers, the Southern California residents boarded an RV and took a 15,000-mile road trip to film interviews with luminaries from various professions. So read on and learn more about these collegians on the road to enlightenment.

Their goal: Find out what made successful people happy, so young people could learn how to find their own route to professional fulfillment. In so doing, Marriner and Gebhard launched a movement, dubbed Roadtrip Nation (RTN), complete with a new book and PBS series.

For them, the journey has become the destination. The two founders are now handing the keys to enlightenment — not to mention three neon-green RVs — to the next batch of road-trippers.

The nine new road-trippers — one team each from the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest — were chosen from 100 finalists who applied through their college career centers.


The Kite Runner Characters – Living fiction

Even though I’ve had The Kite Runner listed on my sidebar for over a month now, I just started reading it this weekend. Right around the time that our house hunt went from “Traipsing through other people’s houses and ogling their furniture is fun!” to “Holy f***, we need to find a place to live, like yesterday” I decided I wanted to read it, but I never got past page six. So this post is about the Kite Runner Characters  – Living Fiction.

I couldn’t focus on anything except the fact that if we didn’t find a place soon we’d be shackin’ up with my in-laws, so I put reading fiction on the back burner and focused exclusively on being a total stressbag instead. I kind of forgot about it until Friday night, when I caught a glimpse of it on my night table and picked it up.

I haven’t put it down since. Holy crap, this book is amazing. I am living and breathing this book, this riveting, at times painful, exquisite story. When I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about the sounds and smells and the lives that are unfolding on the pages. I’m picturing scenes in my head, the characters and their faces, what they’re wearing…I dream about this book at night.


Like the cheese, the filing cabinet stands alone

Sometimes I miss the person I was in high school. I’ll think back to those days and I alternate between cringing with embarrassment and laughing in that oh my god, I can’t believe I did that kind of way, but there are times when I think about the girl I was and can’t help but miss her a bit.

I was brash, outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind. I had quite the “I don’t give a f***” streak running through me; I was a bit of a rebel for a while. I wanted to be different, original; I wanted to be spunky and stand out. And as I got older I took some of that with me, but a lot of it I left behind.

Back then my most prized possession was a black filing cabinet that I kept my tapes in (RIP, cassette tape) and stuck all of my rock stickers on. Every time I went to a concert or into a head shop I’d buy a sticker to take home and put on my filing cabinet.