Vengeance Is Mine Saith The Fox

Almost two weeks of sheer bliss have gone by without hearing from my ex-boyfriend, but then I get a phone call from him today.

He called about some winter clothes that he says he has in my storage room, but I am pretty certain that he got all of his clothes when we broke up. It was just another excuse for him to try to cling on to a relationship that was over long before we broke up.

I asked him why he felt it necessary to call my father at work to “tell on me”. His only defense was that he was mad.

Well, no shit. I was mad too. Maybe I should have called up some of his family to tell them about his personal shit. Believe me, he has more to hide than I do.

After we discussed his clothes, he told me that he is getting daily phone calls from a collection agency regarding the apartment we were evicted from.

He wonders how they found him. I swear, I had nothing to do with it. The collection agency contacted me a couple of times, but I shut them down in a big fat hurry. You see, the company that manages the apartment failed to give us credit for a $300 deposit that I paid them as well as $300 partial payment on the rent.

They are also trying to make us pay for 3 months rent that they can not legally collect because someone else moved in 2 days after we were out. I have all the receipts, paperwork and legal advice to back me up, so I wrote a letter to the management company and let them know that they would not be receiving a penny over what I actually owe them – $5. I haven’t heard from either one of them since, but they started calling my ex about a week later. Yes, I have all the receipts and paperwork that could keep not only me from having to pay over $2400 that they are trying to collect, it could keep my ex from having to pay it as well.

Am I going to share copies of this paperwork with him? No, I don’t think that I will. I let him know what his rights and options are, but he can go about trying to get copies of all the receipts and paperwork himself. And who would he get them from? Why the very people that are trying to collect all this money from him. What do want to bet they won’t be able to find copies of the receipts? Am I being a bitch? Damn right I am. He got us both into this mess, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna bail his ass out. Let him pay for it. Besides, I vowed vengeance on the bastard. I’m just keeping my vow.