Workout Without Weights – Cardio, Stretching, Lifting

A workout without weights is a rather broad definition. It can range anywhere from sprints to push-ups or yoga to burpees. Today we’d like to share the value of using the balance in your weight-free workouts in order to achieve your ultimate physique.

We’ve found that doing only one type of exercise leads to injury and limited capabilities in one or more areas of a person’s life. Being extremely muscular yet unable to run or even walk correctly is a hazard, the same as being overly skinny and incapable of lifting a load over one’s own head.

The people who look and appear the most fit are generally well-balanced individuals strong enough to run, lift and bend to survive any challenge that is thrown at them. This is what we aim to achieve with a weight-free workout.

So how does one go about covering all facets of a healthy and in shape person? The most effective methods are to include a balance of different types of training as well as to change the exercise style up every now and then. A workout without weights also gets participants to use their core muscles thus strengthening all other areas in their body.

By either splitting your week into cardio, stretching and bodyweight exercises or by focusing on each individually for a limited period of time, we can develop a lean, strong and most importantly very healthy body. If you want to live a longer and fuller life, adding a balanced exercise regime will give some enormous benefits.

Well, to be honest, in a recent wet t-shirt ice bucket challenge (regardless of whether you think that useful or not) I must say I looked pretty good. And I’m not the only one saying that! The thing is: keeping it up, staying looking at least a bit attractive…

Each person is different and their goals and ideal physiques change with time. We’d recommend trying some variations and finding out what is right for you. We also suggest that you warm up before each workout and stretch afterward. This will help prevent injury and lead to greater flexibility in time. It’s important to leave time for each muscle group to rest after being used, if you don’t leave the muscle adequate time to recover, it will get progressively weaker or you may hurt yourself.

Whether you do three days of cardio and one of bodyweight training or a day of yoga, a day of running and a day of calisthenics is up to you. Find out what works for you but don’t neglect one type of fitness for too long or you might get just a bit shy of crazy, wouldn’t you think?. Bring balance to your physical health and achieve your ultimate physique using a workout without weights.