4 Variations of Boot Camp Exercises

We’ve covered some of the main boot camp exercises but it’s time to look at what the next step is. A lot of people quickly get bored of doing the same old same old week in and week out so we’ve taken the liberty to look at some key variations in traditional boot camp exercises. By adding these to your workout without weights you’ll start building muscle faster by shocking the muscles as well as focusing more on one side at a time:

1. Alternating Push Ups

Starting off with the push-up switch up. If you can’t do one-handed push-ups (let’s face it, most of us can’t… yet) then it’s time to try alternative push-ups. You can accomplish this by finding an object between six inches and a foot high that will support your weight and fits under one hand. From here adopt your typical push-up position and simple place more weight on the raised hand thus alleviating pressure from the opposite arm. You can do one side at a time or if you’re feeling energetic try switching side to side by pushing off each hand.

2. Alternating Pull Ups

These are challenging, especially if you’re new to working your back. You start by adopting a typical chin up or pull up position and simply putting more weight onto one side of your body. This requires some mental willpower but when you master it you’ll be able to train each side of your back individually.

3. Jumping Split Lunges

Build some explosive power in your leg and add a change into your weight free workout by adopting a lunge stance and then jumping up, switch your legs in the air and landing in a squat position. If you continue to go back and forth your legs will start to feel the burn. This is a great exercise to burn fat and build some leg muscle!

4. Side Plank with Leg Lift

If you’re familiar with the side plank, it’s time to crank it up! Adding a leg lift here will really start to get your obliques working and building your abs. You can do this in a static motion or by raising your leg up and down, whichever one suits you but the important thing is that you’re adding your own body’s weight into the plank to make it more challenging.

Take these four exercises and try sliding them somewhere into your workout without weights in the next couple of weeks. If you’re tired of boring repetition, use these to spice it up. Shock your muscles into growth and start sculpting your ultimate physique!