On to Middle School!

My 10-year old (soon to be 11 years old) is now a 6th Grader. I am so proud of him and yet I can’t help feeling sad. He is my little one! He is almost as tall as me and I am sure he will surpass me in height pretty soon. I have often imagined myself needing a stool to step up and talk to him as he is older. Still, he is my baby.

He is such a wonderful child.  He finished 5th grade with a bang. Yesterday, they had their class picnic which is a great way to end the school year. I volunteered to help out at the class picnic. I signed up for bringing chilled water for the children. The entire organization was done by email. The organizer had to send out reminders to ensure that everyone knew their stations and what they were bringing.

At the picnic, the kids played games in rotation and had 12 minutes for each game. I was the referee and scorekeeper for throwball. We had 8 groups and towards the end, I empathized with the referees at games. The kids had a great time. Other games that they played were: Sponge pass, Broom soccer, Hula Hoop, Grass-ski, Sack races, Water balloon toss, and Frisbee relay.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer at school, go on field trips, and school events for our children. Participation truly provides a window into the children’s world and what they are into these days. There were 130 students at the park and 20 parent volunteers (less than 10% of the parent population). For the parents that were unable to make it, it would have been great to provide a report of the activities, some photos, and other funny things that happened at the picnic. The event organization would have been a lot smoother with online signups.

1.) Organize online signups for events.
2.) Send automated confirmations and reminders to volunteers who have offered to help.
3.) Post-event news, pictures, tidbits, etc. in one place so that parents who are unable to attend can still participate.

As the children move on the middle school, parent volunteering opportunities are fewer. Parentella can help connect parents in middle school so that we can still be involved and learn from each other.

I still can’t believe that I am the parent to a middle school child now. I look forward to all the adventures and fun that is ahead of us. It is summer break now and time for fun and relaxation. Happy Friday!

What did your children do for their last day of school? I would love to hear more ideas for making the day special for the kids.