Why not you come closer and inspect the Julia?

Seven reasons why yesterday kicked serious ass:

1) I put on a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to stuff myself in to since college…and the fuckers fit! BOOYA!

2) I snagged a washer and dryer for $450. We included our washer/dryer in the sale of this house thinking that we’d buy a nice new set when we moved. After we found our new house, however, we decided to try and get the cheapest price we could for new appliances in order to have more money to do other, funner cosmetic things like painting and a funky backsplash for the kitchen and curtains and maybe some quality fake plantation shutters.

Dave sussed out a deal on a washer and dryer this weekend and although they’re not brand new, they’re in good shape, they have warranties and they were only $450. Including delivery. Not too shabby. 3) It was gorgeous out yesterday, that rejuvenating, invigorating, life is good, dammit! kind of gorgeous. And did I ever need a day like that.

4) We had dinner at my mother in-law’s, which meant I didn’t cook and the clean-up was minimal. What a fucking difference not having to do all that makes. She’s got this expensive hand soap with little bits of rock in it that exfoliates as you wash, and it smelled delicious. I washed my hands like, three times and sniffed them all night.

5) On the way home, three chords into ‘Yellow Submarine,’ Julia shouted, “Hey! Yellow Submarine! Oliver, do you like this song? It’s the Beatles!” ‘Atta girl, Julia…and don’t ever stop calling it Yellow Sumbarine, okay?

6) Dave and I have decided to send Julia, and eventually Oliver, to a French school. It’s something that I’ve tossed around in my head for quite some time – my brothers went through the French system and over the years their education and command of the language has been a huge benefit to them, in many ways. More and more it became an opportunity that I wanted my kids to have, but because Dave and I aren’t French I wasn’t sure enrollment would be open to us. I called the school I’m interested in yesterday to discuss enrolling Julia and had a fabulous conversation with the secretary. It sounds like it’s going to work out, and I am ecstatic about it.

7) Last night Dave, in typical Dave fashion, tried to be cool and chat online with my brother in French. My brother’s French is excellent – it’s better than his English – and he often gets a laugh out of me trying to say something as basic as ‘hello’ to him in French (though, in my defense, I do know quite a bit of the McDonald’s menu in French and could order him a McChicken with extra tomato like nobody’s business. Yeah, I know. Mad skills).

Not knowing much French himself, Dave found a website that translates English to French and plugged ‘hey man what are you doing on the weekend, why don’t you come by and see Julia’ in to the translation box. ‘hé homme ce qui sont vous faisant le week-end, pourquoi pas vous venez près et voyez le Julia’ was spit back out. I almost died laughing when my brother replied and told Dave what he’d actually said: hey man it is what that you are doing this weekend, why not you come closer and inspect the Julia. Why not you come closer and inspect the Julia? Fucking brilliant. We’re going to ROCK this whole French thing, Dave and I. ROCK it.